Artemis Vourakis is a dynamic full-services wedding planning, which specializes in creating beautiful weddings, baptisms or events which are important for you.

From our warm and inviting space in Marousi, Athens, Greece, we design, create and coordinate to events in Athens and the islands nearby as well as destination weddings for couples from UK which prefer to make their wedding and holidays in Greece. We take care of your accommodation in Greece on request and organize your perfect wedding as well.

From elegant to vintage, floral to navy, we have the ability to create original themes that reflect the aesthetic of the wedding or baptism you always were dreaming and can save you precious time.

Through our love for art and taste, we've created this special and sophisticated space where you can find everything for the wedding and the christening, as well as a large collection of works of art or crafts for your new home and handmade gifts for your friends. We respect your choices, with passion and dedication to our job alert and the smallest detail for everything to be perfect.

Visit us at our warm and inviting space or communicate with us in +302108027001 and +306972301344.

Σάββατο, 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2012


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